Reviews of the German edition of the book, which was published in 2011


„Der Jesuswahn“ by Heinz-Werner Kubitza, ISBN 978-38288-2435-5
Hardcover, 380 pages, 19.90 Euros
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Newsletter of the Giordano-Bruno Foundation Germany

“In The Jesus Delusion, doctoral theologian and head of scientific publishing company Tectum puts forward a brilliant critique of Christianity in every respect. […] With the appropriate marketing, The Jesus Delusion has the potential to become a bestseller. […] There has hardly ever been such a pithy approach to the topic as in this book: a definite must-buy.”

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“Kubitza’s contribution to religious sobering up has the potential to become a benchmark of popular science Bible criticism. […] Kubitza writes intelligently, fluently, entertainingly, concisely and without overtaxing the brains of theological amateurs. I particularly liked – aptly enough for the topic, as it turns out – his frequent figurative comparisons. Those not particularly interested in the Creationism v Evolution debate would be better off reading Kubitza’s The Jesus Delusion than Dawkins’ The God Delusion.”

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“As a Doctor of Theology who has been active in church communities for many years […] one quickly realises when reading The Jesus Delusion that Kubitza knows what he’s talking about. […] The Jesus Delusion deserves to be as widely distributed as possible, as it touches on questions (and provides answers), which must necessarily be raised thanks to the high reputation of its protagonist that is present in all varieties of the Christian faith. Young people should also read The Jesus Delusion for an enlightened view of Jesus.”

Review in the Humanistischen Pressedienst (Humanist News Service) (10 January 2011)

“The volume has a considerable number of good points. The Bible is presented to the reader in a very compact and clear way, which should make reading a pleasure for those not yet so well acquainted with the material. The many insights presented in very gripping turns of phrase are also effective in this respect… Finally, those who have read the book will know that the Jesus of the NT has literally nothing to do with the Christ i.e. Jesus of the Church.”

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“The author succeeds in charting the current status of research in an easy and pleasantly readable way. This allows the reader to conjure up a picture of what Jesus originally taught and what his followers invented.”

Wilhelmshavener Zeitung (Wilhelmshaven Times) (4 February 2011)

“Kubitza’s book is an engaging, easily readable, instructive and entertaining plea for rationality. Those who want to believe should not read this.”
Post on the internal gbs blog (14 February 2011)

I got the book on Friday and have already read the first hundred pages. SIMPLY BRILLIANT. I was used to hearing arguments against Christianity from the arena of natural sciences (cosmology, biology, evolution…) as well as from ethics, epistemology and other philosophical disciplines. But the fact that someone has been able to dismantle Christianity from inside out with a critical historical approach, yet by supporting his criticism with genuine concepts used in theological debate as stringently as Kubitza – that, I wasn’t expecting. I sat at my desk with The Jesus Delusion on one side, the Bible on the other, and looked at this unholy text with new eyes – and I’m talking as a “veteran” Bible critic. Simply a great book, and an enriching addition to my already fairly large collection of books on religious criticism.“

Two interviews with the author, one of which with the Humanistischen Pressedienst, can be found on YouTube (56 + 13 minutes)

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Review in “Diesseits” (online version dated 7 March 2011)

“…Kubitza’s book combines the views of critical voices such as Rudolf Augstein, Richard Dawkins, Karlheinz Deschner and Joachim Kahl. His succinct and systematic style makes the volume highly valuable in terms of content and practical application. The author repeatedly pits his research results against existing religious myths […]”

Review on the “Publik-Forum” (22 April 2011)

“Comprehensive and full of detail, [Kubitza] compiles a series of the Bible’s contradictions and discrepancies as well as historical findings about Jesus and the New Testament, which allows him to present the Christian faith as untenable.

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“Although there have been many books criticising Christianity over the last few decades, this work in particular stands out. […] Christianity is refuted from the inside out in The Jesus Delusion. […] It is no exaggeration or derogation to call it the Bible for non-believers.”

Review on musenblä (26 April 2011)

“This is an extremely interesting, engrossing and insightful read, which has been sorely lacking in public debate about a state-approved religion that goes against every principle of neutrality. Highly recommended.”

Religious Studies Media and Information Service (Remid e.V.)

“The very least you could say about Kubitza’s book it that it is excitingly written, peppered with humour and almost always relevant. Perhaps it is this quality that outshines authors on the ‘other side’.”

Review on (1 July 2011)

“Thus [Kubitza] has provided provoking and stimulating ideas and achieved a level of religious critique that has seldom been encountered in German-speaking countries.”

Review in “Aufklärung und Kritik” (Enlightenment and Criticism) 3/2011 (20 July 2011)

“As I was reading, I highlighted so many more points in the text that I agreed with than almost any other book on my bookshelf. Kubitza’s book is a real treasure trove… For all its wealth of content and theory, the text is easy to understand and often refreshingly direct. Kubitza writes simply and often in graphic and figurative language. His text is from first to last free of mysterious murmurings and nonsensical spiel, and he also encourages people to keep reading in places that are difficult factually. […] Kubitza leaves nothing out that is worth considering and his knowledge of theology and particularly religious history is encyclopaedic.

Review in “Materialien und Informationen zur Zeit” (MIZ) 2/2011

[Kubitza has] “thus presented a valuable book of enlightenment, which summarises the findings of research into historical Bible criticism and dogma. His summary is sobering, yet thoroughly relevant”